How To Reduce Toddler Fever

How To Reduce Toddler Fever (2)

Fever results as your body’s natural reaction to injury or infection.

It motivates your body to produce more antibodies and white blood cells to fight the injury or infection.

Though mild fever can be allowed to run its course, fever can be very disturbing especially to toddlers. It feels bad to see your kid looking sickly and miserable in the middle of the night because he or she is suffering from fever.

In this post, let’s share on how to reduce toddler fever.

It is important to assess the toddler

It is good to assess your child’s fever before deciding on how to reduce it. It is advisable to take his or her temperature using a thermometer.

If the he or she has a temperature of between 37.3 to 38.3o C, that is, 99 to 100.9o F, he or she is suffering from mild fever. If the temperature is between 38.4 to 39.7o C, your toddler is suffering from a disease that needs monitoring. If the temperature is over 39.8 o C, your child has high fever.

High fever will require close monitoring of the child. If it does not reduce, then you will need to contact your pediatrician.

The following methods will help your kid feel a bit more comfortable.

1. A bath or a damp washcloth

We know that water will remove heat from the body faster than air will. Therefore, give your kid a lukewarm bath. Let him or her stay in the bath for a few minutes. Then you should see the reading on the thermometer go down instantly. Use of rubbing alcohol and cold water is greatly discouraged.

Alternatively, you can place a cool washcloth on the forehead, groin, and wrist; blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin at these points. This will help in cooling the toddler.

2. Encourage them to take fluids

Fever can result into dehydration. Let the child take a lot of pure water or fruit juices that are diluted with water. This will help cool and keep him or her hydrated.

3. Dress him or her lightly

Aim at optimizing the skin and room temperature. For optimal thermal control, dress the toddler in one lightweight sheet of clothing. This will permit air to circulate more freely.

However, watch your child steadily to avoid too much cooling.

How To Reduce Toddler Fever (1)

4. Give medication

If your child has high fever, you can treat him or her with fever reducing medications such as Acetaminophen.

Next time you notice that your toddler has fever at night, try the above methods. However, if your child has fever together with other serious symptoms such as purple spots on her skin and breathing difficulties, call the doctor.

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