4 Low-Impact Workouts To Try

As one gets old, our bodies are not able to withstand high impact workouts as they did during our youthful years. This majorly attributed to a weakened skeletal tissue caused by natural aging process, osteoporosis, and other age-related ailments. As such, the last thing seniors or individuals with joint-related disorders should do is to engage themselves in high impact workouts such as running. Instead, one should consider participating in low impact workouts, which help you keep fit without injuring your joints.


walkimg exercise

Walking is a perfect example of a low impact workout. The good thing about this workout is that does not require special gym equipment.This way, it is a practical workout option that can be done anywhere and by anyone. There are so many ways to walk your way to fitness. For instance, you can wear a backpack with added weight to make it more challenging or try adding some pace.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Paddle boarding also referred to as SUP is another low impact workout that offers lasting health benefits. SUP has become increasingly popular in the last few years as a sport and fitness enthusiasts are also taking it up as a sport. The gentle and rhythmic movements on water do not harm your joints in any way. Instead, this workout helps you engage vital muscles as you try to maintain balance and coordination.

Indoor Cycling

Another low impact workout worth looking at is indoor Cycling. One good thing about this workout is that you can always workout whenever you feel like provided the bike is functional. If you have some back problem, recumbent bikes can allow you to cycle in a position that is less stressful on your back. The good thing about indoor cycling workouts is that there are lots of cycling option along with diverse workout options.


If you suffer from joint problems or conditions like arthritis, high impact workouts can be quite painful. Swimming offers a less stressful workout option considering that the buoyancy provided by the water takes the pressure off your joints. Reduced joint pressure gives more freedom of movement and helps you work out for a long time.

Low impacts workouts are mostly recommended for seniors or individuals with joint-related issues. However, fully fit individuals can also tap into the amazing benefits offered by low impact workouts. The only thing you need to do is to find a workout option(s) that appeal to your and kick-start your journey to fitness.

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