Proper care for your breasts


These lovely and tender features of the female anatomy need all the care, affection, and attention that they can possibly get from the woman herself even before she can entrust them to her partner. There is more to the breasts than using them to draw unnecessary attention from men or gaining pleasure and satisfaction during sexual escapades. They must be treated and handled with respect by the woman herself, and all the others will indeed follow suit.


Breast care


hdhd74It is good for women and men alike to know that the breasts are sacred features placed at their current location on the body for them to achieve a certain purpose. We have already seen that their sanctity is to be preserved and maintained at all times, whether in private or public. Let’s begin with the basics; as a woman, your health should be of prime concern to you, and you have to play your role in ensuring that you are always good to go. In case you don’t feel too good and have noticed some bit of unusual occurrence on any part of your body including the breasts, you need to go for a checkup the soonest possible time.


You can start by making it a routine to massage your breasts gently in a circular motion in the morning before you take a shower and in the evening when you get home. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes that will not allow the free flow of air and blood into your breasts. Loosen up immediately when you get home. When going to sleep, avoid wearing a bra or boob top at all costs. Your boobs need to breathe in order for you to have a peaceful night’s rest.


If you are aiming to enhance the size of your breasts, make sure that you are using the right products.


Your breasts, more than assets


hdhd4Treasure these parts of you and love them as they are, whether too big or too small. Don’t recycle bras as every passing day has new bacteria that will invade your undergarments, posing a health risk to your health. If you are a single lady, don’t feel bad about not having someone to tell you how gorgeous you look in that dress and then stoop low to the extent of skimpy and provocative dressing where your breasts end up as victims.


Treasure and cherish them with all that you have, then at the right time, your patience and resilience will pay off. Respect should be the best way to show how much you care for your breasts.


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